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megumi_selwyn's Journal

Hi! I'm Megumi_Selwyn, otherwise known as Megan Seabrook. I'm a lolita, a gamer, a cosplayer, and an all-around geek. I love to read, play piano, play World of Warcraft (among other games, and I adore arts and crafts. Feel free to friend me on LiveJournal!

I use my LJ as an informal personal journal. For more information, check out any of the following links:

My Website: http://escapistfashion.weebly.com
My deviantArt gallery: http://megumi-selwyn.deviantart.com - for anything art related.
My blog: http://escapiste.blogspot.com - My blog, about my fashion, life, and whatever silly adventures I get into.
My Etsy shop: http://www.escapistfashion.etsy.com - Where I sell my jewellery designs.
My Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/escapistfashion -for updates regarding my jewellery line, Escapist Fashion.

That's all! Send me a PM if you need anything!